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Argyle empowers you to securely connect your payroll and employer accounts with the service providers you choose.

Argyle Passport is your control center. It’s where you decide when and for how long they have access.

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Say goodbye to data insecurity
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Seamless, secure connections. Argyle lets you securely connect your payroll and employer accounts with your preferred service providers in one step.

Accurate, real-time information. By sharing your data through Argyle, you give service providers the most up-to-date information that truly reflects you.

Data security is paramount. Protecting personal information is our top priority—we’re compliant with industry-leading security and privacy practices.

Control with the touch of a finger. We make it easy for you to manage who sees your data and when. With Argyle, you decide who has access and for how long.

Argyle Passport is your personal data privacy solution

When you use Argyle to connect your payroll or employer accounts to service providers, Argyle Passport puts you in the driver's seat. It gives you ownership and control over who has access to your data and for how long.

Learn more about our consent-based model here.

Manage the connections you’ve made

Income and employment data are at the heart of some of life's biggest events—from buying your first home to insuring your new car to landing your dream job. Banks, lenders, insurers, and employers require you to share your income and employment data with them to do any of those things.

At Argyle, we believe that data rightfully belongs to you. So, when you agree to share your income and employment through Argyle, you can choose who has access and for how long.

  • View all connected accounts

  • See a summary of your data

  • Revoke access to your data

Read more about how we handle your data here.

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What is Argyle Passport?

Argyle works behind the scenes, so you can link your payroll or employer accounts and instantly share your income and employment data.

It’s a simple, two-step process:

  • Step 1 You select your employer or payroll provider from a comprehensive list.

  • Step 2 You use your existing credentials to log in to your account.

You can repeat this process for each of your income sources. If you prefer—or if you cannot find your provider—you can also attach documents, like paystubs, W-2s, and 1099s, using our instant document upload tool. Read our Consumer Terms.

Why do service providers use Argyle?

Income and employment data is crucial to financial services, but has historically been difficult to access—until Argyle. Argyle unlocks real-time income and employment data through consumer-permissioned payroll connections, enabling greater automation, efficiency, and visibility for the service providers you want to work with.

What types of service providers use Argyle?

  • Lenders use income and employment data to approve and issue loans faster, offer more affordable interest rates, and allow you to allocate payments directly from your upcoming paychecks.

  • Banks use income and employment data to streamline account funding and personalize financial services—like proactively offering you a higher credit limit whenever you get a raise.

  • Background check providers use employment data to verify current and past employment history for applicants looking to get a new job.

  • Insurance companies use income and employment data to keep up with your work activity, offer lower premiums, and settle claims quickly.

  • Landlords use income and employment data to verify you’re employed, earning money, and able to keep up with your rent payments.

Is Argyle secure?

Protecting your personal information is Argyle’s top priority, and we comply with the latest, strongest security measures in the industry, including:

  • SOC 2 Type II certification, the most comprehensive standard for data sharing and confidentiality

  • ISO 27001 regulations for identifying risk and implementing robust controls against evolving threats

  • RSA 4096 data encryption—the same grade used by the U.S. military—with SHA-256 signing to keep your credentials and sensitive details concealed

  • Annual audits by independent security experts to ensure we’re staying compliant and up to date with best practices

You can learn more about our commitment to safety by exploring our full security and compliance protocols or reading our privacy notice.

Who has access to my connected accounts?

When you use Argyle to grant third-party access to your income and employment data, we take on the role of a Designated Data Transfer Agent. This means we work solely on your behalf, with a steadfast commitment to never sell any data that could identify you. Data is only shared with the service providers you choose to work with.

What accounts can I connect?

Argyle allows you to connect your payroll provider or employer accounts—the source of your income and employment data—by entering your login credentials. It's as easy as that.

What if I have trouble connecting an account?

If you have trouble connecting an account, the best place to start is with the service provider you’re trying to connect your payroll or employer account to. They can guide you through the process and investigate as needed.

There are some cases when the Argyle team will be the best to assist you, including if you want to disconnect any of your connected accounts. You can log in to Argyle Passport to disconnect your accounts as needed. If you have further trouble, reach out at [email protected].